An emergency response organization is created as the result of an emergency situation. 

The organization does not formally exist until needed in an emergency.  
Then it “materializes”, it is staffed, and it goes into operation. 

The same thing happens here in Sun Lakes.  When activated, the EPAP organization pulls together trained volunteers, residents and staff throughout Sun Lakes.

It transcends traditional organizational boundaries and puts us all to work under the direction of the Incident Commander (usually our Executive Director.) 

The Executive Director, in cooperation with Management and the HOA, assumes responsibility for Sun Lakes and uses any available resources and people to manage the emergency.



This link provides a complete description of the District operations in an emergency.  The EPAP organization at the District level consists of the following positions:

District Delegate and Alternate

EPAP Coordinator and Alternate

Zone Captains and Alternates

Medical Rescue Teams

Computer Program Manager

These positions are described on the Positions page.  Each Position Description document can be downloaded from the links on that page.  Please refer to those documents for complete details.