Positions & Descriptions

DISTRICT DELEGATE:    EPAP Support Functions

District Delegates (& Alternates) are elected Sun Lakes Homeowners Association positions.  Their primary responsibility is to represent their respective Districts in a liaison capacity with the Delegate Assembly and the Master Board of Directors relative to matters that concern its residents.  In addition to their other duties, they have agreed to use their elected office in support of this community's Emergency Preparedness Action Plan. District Delegates coordinate with the Executive Director in the appointment and training of District EPAP Coordinators, and alternates, who will have the primary responsibility for EPAP operations in their District. 


This position was created to coordinate all District EPAP activities. The occupant of this position must be able to organize and direct District residents both prior to and during an emergency situationIn an event, the EPAP Coordinator and Alternate Coordinator report to the District Command Post to manage all activities.   They will ensure that there is at least one Zone Captain and alternate designated for each zone. The EPAP Coordinators will oversee the organization of the Medical Rescue Teams in the districts.  They are expected to maintain a liaison between the Zone Captains and the District Program Managers to ensure that Zone Status information is collected and utilized.


Similar to the 'Block Captain' concept, the Zone Captain represents a group of neighborhood homes and maintains a vital link between the residents in their Zone and the EPAP Coordinator.   The Occupants of this position are responsible for verification of the status of the residents occupying homes in their neighborhood zone, following the occurrence of a large scale emergency event, and to maintain a reliable link between the residents, in their zone, and their district representatives.  Following a disastrous event, Zone Captains check each residence in their zone, record the status of each residence on the Zone Condition Status Report, and report the results of their survey to their EPAP Coordinator at the District Command Post.


Each district will establish Medical Rescue Teams (MRT’s).  The number of teams for each district will be predicated on the District’s population.  As/when dictated by the post-event situation, additional MRT’s may be organized from available personnel and assigned as needed. The MRT’s are expected to respond to the location of the injured, as determined by the actions of the Zone Captains and EPAP Coordinators, provide first aid, assess the severity of the injuries, and recommend necessary actions as appropriate.


The Program Manager maintains a computer data base for the District, providing storage and retrieval of name, address and other information volunteered by Sun Lakes residents for use in conjunction with this plan.  He/She also coordinates with the District Delegate or EPAP Coordinator to ensure resident data and EPAP position assignments are updated on a regular basis with the EPAP Information Management Unit.