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Planning & Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to submit a Home Improvement application for exterior changes?
A. Yes. All exterior improvements must receive prior approval from the Master Architectural Committee. If not sure, contact the Code Enforcement Department. Forms may be found at the Administration Office lobby and on the Sun Lakes website.

Q. How often do I have to paint?
A. Wood Trim every 4 years and Stucco every 16 years

Q. My house paint still looks in good condition. Can I get an extension?
A. Yes, by contacting the Code Enforcement department and request an inspection. Upon inspection a 1-year extension may be granted.

Q. Do I need permission to paint?
A. Yes. You must submit a Home Improvement application to the Architectural Committee with samples from the approved color charts for prior approval.

Q. What if I made an improvement and didn’t get permission?
A. You must submit an After-the-Fact Home Improvement application to the Master Architectural Committee.

Q. Do I need City/County permits?
A. Receiving approval from the Master Architectural Committee does not waive the necessity for an owner to obtain all required building permits.

Q. Can I place storage units/storage sheds on my property?
A. Yes, as long as it is behind a solid wall or fence and is not visible from the street, golf course or common areas.

Q. Do I need a pass to park my own vehicle in my driveway?
A. Yes. All vehicles must be garaged between the hours of midnight and 6am without a valid overnight pass.

Q. Can I park my RV in the Main Clubhouse parking lot?
A. No, the Clubhouse RV parking area is mainly for guests and Condominium residents only.

Q. Can I rent out a room in my own home?
A. No. You may not rent or lease less than the entire home.

Q. Do I need a front yard tree?
A. Yes. Each home is required to have at least 1 tree in their front yards.

Q. Can I walk my dog on the golf course?
A. No. Pets of any kind are prohibited from being on the golf course and practice facilities.

Q. How many pets am I allowed to have and is there a restriction of breed or size.
A. 2 pets per household is a reasonable number, however the Board can determine a reasonable number to be more or less. There is no restriction for breed or size at this time.

Q. How long can my guest visit?
A. A guest under 55 years of age is limited to 60 overnight stays whether consecutive or non-consecutive. Guest over 55 years of age are exempt from the limitation.

Q. How long can I park my vehicle overnight in my own driveway?
A. Residents may not obtain an overnight pass for more than six (6) calendar days (consecutive or non-consecutive). After the sixth day of a pass use has elapsed, the resident must wait 60 days before another overnight pass can be issued.

Q. How does one report a Situation/Violation/Incident and who should it be addressed to?
A.  For emergency situations, please call 911.
- For non -emergency yet somewhat urgent matters please call
community patrol 951 854-2163 -OR- during regular administration office
business hours, call The Operations Department. 
For non - urgent matters you can fill out a Resident Request form which is made available in all clubhouses, the administration office and online.

*Completed Resident Request form should be turned in to the administration office front desk. Requests will be directed to the appropriate department for review.