Maintenance FAQ

Assistant to Director of Operations

(951) 769-6644

Q: What is the slope schedule for my common area?
The Slope Schedules are available on the website under Maintenance.

Q: When are the pools serviced?
The pools are serviced six days a week Monday through Saturday during the summer months and two days a week during the winter months.

Q: What is the tree removal policy in common areas?
There are three (3) reasons why a tree can be considered for removal from a common area.
The tree is diseased
The tree is causing property damage
The tree is posing a danger
In the event a tree fits into one of these categories, a written recommendation from an Arborist will be obtained and provided to the board indicating the tree in question qualifies to be removed.
Please note that trees will not be removed for obstruction a residents view.

Q: Where do I make requests for Sub- Association Landscape Maintenance to add, remove or maintenance items in my common area?
If you have a Maintenance request, please call 951-769-6644, Assistant to Director of Operations , to submit your request. Requests are submitted to your sub association Board and are reviewed for approval during the monthly walk through.

Q: When are the monthly walk troughs and who is allowed to attend?
Walk through Schedule:
Fairway Villas 3rd Thursday of each month
Lakeside 3rd Tuesday of each month
Lakeside II 1st Wednesday of each month
Any resident of the Sub-Association is welcome to attend their monthly walk throughs, no more then two Board members can attend a walk through at a time.
Q: Who do I report a Street Light out to?
Please call 951-769-6644, Assistant to Director of Operations to report a street light outage.
Q. How does one report a Situation/Violation/Incident and who should it be addressed to?
A.  For emergency situations, please call 911.
For non - emergency yet somewhat urgent matters please call
community patrol 951 845-2163 -OR- during regular administration office
business hours, call The Operations Department. For non - urgent matters, residents are encouraged to fill out a Resident Request form which is made available in all clubhouses, the administration office and online.

*Please turn in your completed Resident Request form to the administration office front desk. Your request will be directed to the appropriate department for review.
If your lock is not working properly, is damaged, and or you have lost your keys, Call the Operations Department for service. Please have your mailbox number and location available.

Please note: All items on or pertaining to the golf courses, including trees and sprinklers should be reported to the Golf Course Maintenance Department at 951-845-0179