Golf FAQ

Main Pro Shop

Note: Sun Lakes Country Club is a Private community all amenities including the golf courses are exclusively for the use of residents and their invited guests.

Q: Where can I find daily course conditions?
- Online: On this home page click on “golf” and click “daily course conditions” to view Championship & Executive golf course info

- By phone: call the golf shop 951 845-2135 and press #1.

Q: Will both or the south end of the practice range periodically close?
A: Yes. Due to the size of the south teeing area golf course maintenance may periodically need to close the south end for maintenance. This would be in the form of the lock on the ball machine and signage that would state teeing area closed. We would ask that you please stay off the tee when the signs are posted. It would be a long term goal to extend the tee so that there is more available square footage so we can provide you a better hitting area but for now in order to provide quality turf there may be a need to close it. On days when the tee is closed the north end will be available.

Q: Can I take a walk on the golf course?
A: No, the golf rules state that walking on the golf courses is prohibited.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes there is a strictly enforced dress code on the courses. No denim is allowed and collared shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times.

Q: Why is it important to stay off the turf when there is frost?
A: Frost actually kills the crown of the plant if walked on. This will leave it discolored and repairs will be needed. The golf shop stays in constant communication with Mark Burchfield (greens superintendent) and we provide updates on the website “under daily course conditions.”

Q: Do annual golf members get any additional percent (%) off purchases?
A: Yes, pricing of merchandise shows a retail and member price on the tag. Annual members get an additional 15% off the member price not to exceed what the club paid for the product.

Q: What is Carlos the cart mechanics phone number?
A: 951-255-5742 Cart Barn Hours of Operation - Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00 pm

Q: What is the recommended pace of play? (4 and 5-somes)
A: It depends, Executive golf course should take no more than 3 hours and the Championship course should take 4 hours! Please allow faster players to play through.

Q: Where does my annual golf sticker go?
A: Outside of the front window just above or next to my cart registration number.

Q: Can I hit anywhere on the practice range?
A: We would ask that you hit in the designated hitting spots. We move the tee pretty much daily as well as have a scheduled rotation so we can maximize turf and provide you with the best hitting conditions. You will notice that after we move the teeing area we sand and seed the area so turf can grow back.

Q: Do I need to check in daily? Can someone check in on behalf of the group?
A: One of the golf rules is the need to check in individually. This allows us to get in get an accurate count of rounds of golf, who is an annual member and who is not, and provides us the ability to move groups around as needed so we have a smooth pace of play. After 5:00 pm, all players must sign the “after hours” sheet located just outside both golf shops.

Q: Do we really have 17 golf rules here at Sun Lakes?
A: Yes they are located in your phone book and you can also obtain a copy at either golf shops.

Q: Can I use my scrip (winnings from golf events) in the bar/restaurant and either golf shops?
A: Yes the Master Board approved the use of scrip (winning from golf events) in place of cash or member charge for food and beverage purchases.

Q: Can my pet ride with me on the golf course or go to the practice range as long as the pet stays in the cart?
A: In both cases pets of any kind are prohibited from being on or in golf facilities or golf shops.

Q: If I am not an annual golf member can I pay for golf if I am a resident?
A: Absolutely, feel free to stop in either golf shops and pick up a copy of the 2020 rates.

Q: Can my invited guest play golf without me being present.
A: No. All invited guests must be accompanied by their host (qualifying resident/homeowner) at all times.

Q: How can I find out what golf activities are going on monthly/yearly?
A: You can sign up at the main golf shop and have the yearly golf calendar e-mailed to you and you can also pick up a monthly calendar at either golf shops.