Escrow Information
The List of Services which details estimated costs of the most commonly ordered documentation is also available at this link.
Any homeowner who wishes to have their property inspected to identify any items that may or may not be in compliance with the governing documents may use the Voluntary Inspection Request Form to request an in-person inspection. In accordance with Article V, Section 5.05(2) of the General Statement of Rules and Regulations, a $50 fee must be paid before the inspection can be scheduled. The homeowner may pay this fee by coming to the Administration Office with the completed form. (Accepted Methods of Payment: Money Order or Check only.)
If the homeowner's agent wishes to submit the form on behalf of the homeowner, some sort of homeowner authorization is required before the fee and the form may be accepted. A signed Listing Agreement or other written authorization must either be already submitted or be submitted with the request.
Once received, the Planning & Compliance Department will complete the Voluntary Inspection within twenty-one days of the request and will return the report directly to the requesting homeowner and/or the homeowner's agent as desired.