Lake #9

2018 #9 Championship Lake Lining Project/South End Range Tee Enhancement

Dear Sun Lakes Homeowners:

The Master Board approved and we will start construction on the #9 lake of the championship golf course.  Effective immediately you will see the lake water level being reduced.  Construction will start once the water dries up in the lake.  Construction will begin in early October 2018 and work will continue for roughly 65 working days pending weather.  This will be the last lake that we will need to address on both golf courses for years to come.  We will also be adding more energy efficient pumps.  The lake will also get aerifiers to help circulate water, a rock veneer wall like hole #17, a waterfall and plantings around the lake.  During construction entering roped off areas or any removal of golf balls is strictly prohibited.  We will do our best to keep hole #9 open but there may be times when we will need to close the hole.  Should this occur, we will update the website daily under “golf course conditions” and you can take par plus your handicap for handicap posting purposes and proceed to the next teeing area.  Furthermore, during construction there will be couple of days we will be diverting traffic within Sun Lakes due to concrete trucks on property.  This is done for your safety as well as to speed up the concrete construction process. 

Along with this lake renovation we will be enhancing the depth to the south end of the driving range. Rather than haul off excess material from the lake project we are going to utilize the material to make the range tee deeper.  By having a deeper tee we will have more consistent turf.  Update: The south end practice range is now open.

We truly appreciate your patience during this improvement project and it is our intent you will be very happy with the end results.


Al Vallecorsa, PGA Director of Golf



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Hole #16


Rock Headwall