Do You Love Sun Lakes Country Club?
Become Involved In Your Community & Make A Difference

Interested in becoming a Volunteer but don't know where to start? Volunteer within the Sun Lakes Country Club community, in one of the following roles:
  • Advisory Committees
  • District Delegates
  • Board of Directors (Master and Sub-Associations)
  • Advisory Committees
Bingo Advisory Committee
Committee members should be available for monthly committee meetings and every Tuesday night for weekly Bingo. Possible responsibilities may include selling cards, putting together payouts for games, ordering supplies, maintaining equipment, organizing callers, and maintaining accounting records.   
Finance Advisory Committee
Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues pertaining to the Association’s financial matters.
Golf Advisory Committee
(You must be an owner of record to participate on this Committee)
Review information pertaining to golf operations. Interface with golf course management to provide advisory recommendations relating to future golf operations.
Library Advisory Committee
Advise and make recommendations to the Association for improvement and development of the Sun Lakes libraries.
Lifestyles Advisory Committee
Edit, proof and publish on a monthly basis the LIFESTYLES magazine, the official publication of the HOA.
Common Area Committee
(You must be an owner of record to participate on this Committee)
Work with the maintenance manager and the Association to make recommendations to the Board on matters pertaining to maintenance, landscape and janitorial services for the facilities.
Marketing Committee
Assist the Board in providing public relations and marketing design to improve our image internally and externally and to create a distinctively appealing identity that promotes Sun Lakes Country Club as a desirable private community.
Master Architectural Committee
(You must be an owner of record to participate on this Committee)
Reviews architectural and landscape home improvement plan submittals. Develops and enforces Architectural Guidelines to preserve aesthetics of the community.
Recreation Advisory Committee
Work with the recreation director to review, develop and assist in planning events and making recommendations for future social activities which meet the needs and interests of the majority of the community. Help develop procedures as they relate to recreation activities.
Recreational Vehicle Storage Area
Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the operation and use of the Association’s storage facility.
Restaurant & Lounge
Work with the food and beverage manager and the Association to evaluate, recommend and assist on matters pertaining to the Restaurant and/or Lounge operations.
Safety & Security
(You must be an owner of record to participate on this Committee)
Advise and make recommendations on matters pertaining to community safety.
To volunteer in one of our committees listed above , click on the form below.
Please turn your completed form to the Administration Office! 
For questions Call the Administration Office  951-769-6649

  •  District Delegates
There are 23 Districts within the community. District Delegates Elections are held every two years. The next election starts in April 2020.

  • Board of Directors
The Sun Lakes Country Club Homeowners Association is a corporation and therefore a governing body is required to oversee its business. The Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the Bylaws.
Members volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors and to make decisions regarding the overall operation and management of Sun Lakes Country Club Homeowners Association.  The Board reviews financial statements, corporate minutes, selects vendors, establishes rules and regulations, and approves the annual budget, audit and insurance coverage.  Board duties, responsibilities and limitations of the powers are explained further in the Association’s governing documents (CC&Rs and By-laws).

Once a Year in April;
The Recreation Department offers "Volunteer Day"
to celebrate our Sun Lakes Volunteers AND to promote organizations
in the Pass Area that need volunteer help.
With so many new homeowners in the community, we think its a great way to show how to get involved. We have door prizes, fantastic giveaways, snacks, and coffee/ice tea/water.
This event is FREE, so bring your neighbors and friends to participate. If any Sun Lakes resident knows of an organization that would want to participate in this event, please have them call the Rec. Dept. at 769-6651.