Happy Cookers Club
Happy Cookers is a club with informative culinary experiences but most of all a club
that has a great deal of fun.  Come and enjoy the meetings full of wonderful delights. 
Meetings are every month on the fourth Friday, 11 am,  at the South Clubhouse.

President Pat Pinz
Vice President
Wendy Ditchfield
Secretary Melinda Jones
Treasurer Jeannie Lloyd
Yearly Dues $25
Membership Chair: Carolyn Wright (951) 797-3568
Programs for 2020
January                                 Sporting Tailgate Food & Cheers
February                              Romance, Sweet Treats – Decorating Cookies & Poetry
March                                   Russo’s History & Samples – Italian Delights
April                                       Literary Feast
May                                       Nothing But Bundt Cake
June                                      School’s Out Culinary Teacher
July                                        Dog Days of Summer
August                                  Ice Cream Mania
September                         Wine Tasting
October                               Pumpkin Farm
November                          Dark
December                           Holiday Party
January                                Cooking With Children Thunder Cakes & Rollo Pretzels
Programs may change according to availability of speakers or events
July 26, 2019 meeting minutes  
October 25, 2019 meeting minutes