Reservations / Private Parties
Facility Reservations & Private Parties
Facility Reservations
All Room Reservations for Sun Lakes organizations are made through the Recreation
Department.  These organizations include the Master Board, Advisory Committees,
District Delegates, individual Districts, and Clubs/Groups.  These reservations are
specifically made with Marla Deckard, the Recreation Coordinator.  If you
have room reservation questions, please email Marla at

or call her office at 951-769-6653.  
Private Parties
Any resident who wishes to rent a clubhouse facility for a private party would need to contact
Marla Deckard, Recreation Coordinator.  She can be contacted by email at or by phone at 951-769-6653. 
*Please refer to the rules in the Sun Lakes phone book on pages 33 - 34 for Private Parties.