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Home Improvement Applications

Planning & Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to submit a Home Improvement application for changes to my rear yard?

A: Yes. All changes to the exterior of the home, even those areas that are behind the rear yard fence and not viewable from the street or golf course, must receive prior approval from the Master Architectural Committee before they can be installed or completed. Forms are available in the Administration Office lobby and from the Sun Lakes Country Club HOA website.


Q: How often do I have to paint?

A: All wood surfaces are to be painted every four years and all stucco surfaces are to be painted every sixteen years.


Q: My house paint still looks in good condition. Can I get an extension?

A: If the paint on your house is not peeling, flaking, cracking, or discolored, the property is eligible for an extension to the painting deadlines. The homeowner may contact the Planning & Compliance Department in the Administration Office to request an extension. The inspection will be from the street and/or golf course and it is not necessary for the homeowner to be home as the inspection will not include any rear yard areas. If the inspector finds the paint in good condition, an extension of one year will be granted and the homeowner will be notified.


Q: Do I need permission to paint?

A: Yes. Even if you are using the same color of paint as is already on the home, you must have approval from the Master Architectural Committee prior to painting. A completed Home Improvement (Painting) Application is required along with color samples of all desired colors.


Q: What if I made an improvement and didn’t get permission before doing it?

A: It is very important that you submit a completed Home Improvement Application for the completed improvement as soon as possible to avoid having a violation issued for the improvement. If the improvement is not in compliance with governing documents, the homeowner will be informed about what steps to take to bring the improvement into compliance. However, if the improvement is something that was previously denied by the Master Architectural Committee, or if the improvement is something that is not allowable under the governing documents, and it was completed anyway, the homeowner will be issued a violation and stronger consequences may be levied.


Q: Do I need City and/or County permits?

A: The Master Association is not responsible for, does not review applications for, nor make any decision regarding the proposed work’s compliance with building codes or other laws. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to assure that all required permits and approvals have been obtained before starting work.


Q: Can I place storage units/storage sheds on my property?

A: Yes, after obtaining approval from the Master Architectural Committee regarding the size and placement of the shed. All storage sheds are to be located in rear or side yards behind a solid fence or wall and shall not be visible from any street, common area or the golf course.


Q: Do I need a pass to park my own vehicle in my driveway?

A: If the vehicle is a resident’s vehicle and registered with the Administration Office, then the vehicle may be parked in the resident’s driveway during the day. If the vehicle is a guest’s vehicle, then the vehicle requires a valid pass to be displayed on the driver’s side dash at all times and may be parked in the driveway during the day. Any vehicle, whether resident’s or guest’s, that is parked outside on the driveway and/or on the street between midnight and 6:00 a.m. requires a valid overnight pass to be displayed on the driver’s side dash at all times.


Q: Can I park my RV in the Main Clubhouse parking lot?

A: The Main Clubhouse RV parking area is reserved for guests and residents of the condo subassociations for a maximum parking time of 48 hours.


Q: Can I rent out a room in my own home? Can I rent out the house for a weekend?

A: No less than the entire home may be rented, and the rental period must be no less than one year.


Q: Do I have to have a front yard tree?

A: Yes. Each property belonging to the Master Association (Sun Lakes Country Club Homeowners Association) is required to have at least one front yard tree. While that tree may be any species that the homeowner is delighted to have, the tree must be at least five feet tall as measured from the ground around the tree, have a trunk with a girth at least three inches in circumference, and have a root ball at least fifteen gallons in size.


Q: Can I walk my dog on the golf course?

A: No. Pets of any kind are prohibited from being on the golf course and practice facilities.


Q: How many pets am I allowed to have and is there a restriction of breed or size.

A: Residents may have up to two (2) domestic pets at their residence. There are no restrictions for breed or size.


Q: My pet is trained to stay with me when outside. Do I have to use a leash?

A: Yes. All pets are required to be leashed when outside, and that leash be under the person’s control at all time. The owners of dogs “walking themselves” will be in violation. “Outdoor cats” are also not permitted.


Q: How long can my guest stay with me?

A: Guests are limited to 60 overnight stays in a calendar year regardless if the visits are consecutive or non-consecutive. Valid parking passes are required for all guest vehicles.


Q: How long can I park my vehicle overnight in my own driveway?

A: Residents are restricted to a maximum of six overnight passes in a sixty day period, regardless if those passes are for one vehicle or for more than one vehicle. For example, getting three overnight passes for two resident vehicles will cause the resident to meet their limit. Residents may not obtain an overnight pass for more than six (6) calendar days (consecutive or non-consecutive). After the sixth (6th) day, the resident may not obtain another overnight pass, for any registered vehicle, for a minimum of sixty (60) days.


Q: How does one report a Situation/Violation/Incident and who should it be addressed to?

A: For all emergency situations, please call 911 and follow the instructions you are given. For urgent non-emergency matters please call Community Patrol 951-854-2163 if after business hours. During regular administration office business hours, call the Operations Department at 951-769-6644. For all other matters you may fill out a Resident Request form which is made available in all clubhouses, the Administration Office, and online. Completed Resident Request forms should be turned in to the Administration Office front desk. Requests will then be directed to the appropriate department for review.


Q: I have more questions or concerns not addressed here.

A: Please feel free to call or email the members of the Planning and Compliance Department, or make an appointment for a consultation. Living in a homeowners’ association has challenges and situations that can be surprising to people encountering living in a managed community for the first time, and like smiles, no two associations are the same. We would much rather have a friendly conversation with you about what makes Sun Lakes Country Club HOA unique than send avoidable violations.